On Thursday night stargazers and amateur astronomers were treated to brilliant supermoon display in the skies of the UAE .

The last of the year, it appeared bigger and brighter than other full moons because it orbited closer to Earth.

Called the “strawberry moon”, it does not actually appear to be pink.

Instead the annual event got its name from native Americans who noted its appearance at the start of strawberry harvesting season.

This was the third supermoon of the year. The first was in April and appeared 7 per cent bigger and 14 per cent brighter than a regular moon.

The second appeared in May and was the biggest and brightest one of the year.

The Arab Health conference in Dubai heard how medical staff were forced to put aside the pain of watching colleagues and loved ones die and keep on working.

They risked their mental health as they continued to do their duty with many workers — including those in the UAE — suffering acute stress and insomnia.

Many were far from home and suffered from feelings of isolation and insomnia, conference goers heard.

“Many healthcare workers were traumatised by the pressure of having to make life-and-death decisions that you never want to have to make,” said Dr Adrian James, president of the…

Abu Dhabi Emergency, Crisis and Disasters Committee has approved the return of students to in-person classes for the next academic year.

The decision follows consultations with parents, teachers, principals and school operators across Abu Dhabi in May and June this year.

More than 80 per cent of teachers and school staff, including maintenance and security teams, have been vaccinated.

Abu Dhabi is aiming to return pupils to the classroom while keeping everyone safe.

It found 88 percent of parents thought it would be better for students to return to classes in person.

Parents also said higher vaccination figures would make…

On Thursday night Stargazers in the UAE can catch a glimpse of the Strawberry Moon.

This will be the last supermoon of the year and will be visible to the naked eye.

A supermoon occurs when the Moon is at its closest point to Earth in its orbit and appears larger than normal.

Native American tribes in the 1930s called it a “Strawberry Moon” because the event coincided with strawberry harvesting season.

“The Maine Farmer’s Almanac first published ‘Indian’ names for the full moons in the 1930s,” Nasa said.

“According to this almanac, as the full moon in June and…

Eid Al Adha, the next religious holiday in the Islamic calendar, is now only a month away.

It is the most important festival for Muslims and begins on the 10th day of Dhu Al Hijjah, the 12th and final month of the Islamic calendar.

But when is it? And what does it celebrate?

Eid Al Adha is known as the festival of sacrifice, and coincides with the Hajj pilgrimage to Makkah, which all Muslims are required to make at least once in their lives if they are able.

The sacrifice that the holiday commemorates is explained in the Quran, which…

The Ministry of Health and Prevention licensed “lumakras” following its recent approval by US Food and Drug Administration.

This step will give lung cancer patients in the UAE early access to the drug to help speed up their treatment and improve the quality of their life.

Lumakras is a tablet prescribed to adult patients who have received at least one previous cancer therapy.

It comes a week after the UAE has approved emergency use of Sotrovimab — a highly effective new treatment for Covid-19.

Amin Al Amiri, assistant undersecretary at the ministry’s public health policy and licenses section, said the…

On Thursday the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) released the fixtures paving the way for the tournament to resume after it was suspended in Pakistan in March following a few positive cases of COVID-19 in the teams. There will be five doubleheaders to complete the tournament within a 15-day window.

All six franchise owners, meanwhile, have pulled their weight behind the PSL and the Pakistan Cricket Board who fought off on a number of challenges to put the event together.

The UAE has emerged as a preferred venue for the remaining 20 matches, PCB had said in a statement on May…

The world’s newest anti-viral treatment for COVID-19, Sotrovimab, is now available for early treatment of certain categories of COVID-19 patients in the UAE with the arrival of the first shipment yesterday at Abu Dhabi airport, Abu Dhabi becomes the first city in the world to receive this drug.

Sotrovimab is a monoclonal antibody treatment delivered through intravenous therapy. Sotrovimab can be used to treat adults and children above the age of 12 who meet certain criteria and are at risk of progressing to severe COVID-19, as per protocols that have been developed by the National Scientific Committee. …

Abdullah Al Nuaimi, UAE Minister of Climate Change and Environment, said global ambitions must be raised to safeguard the health of the planet, state news agency Wam said on Wednesday.

Speaking at the UN General Assembly’s high-level dialogue on desertification, land degradation and drought, Mr Al Nuami underlined that protecting the environment must be a priority for the international community.

“We only have one home, one shelter — Earth,” said Mr Al Nuaimi in a video message to Monday’s event, which assessed progress made in the fight against desertification, land degradation and drought and chart the way forward following the…

On Tuesday morning Abu Dhabi’s new Covid-19 green pass system went live at public venues across the capital.

The safety measures require people to show their testing and vaccination status on Al Hosn, the UAE’s test and tracing app, to enter parks, beaches, malls, hotels and large supermarkets.

The app is also needed to access gyms, swimming pools, entertainment centres, restaurants and cafes.

More than five thousand shoppers made their way into Khalidiya Mall from 8am to 12.45pm on Tuesday, in an encouraging sign of public engagement in the new scheme.

“Ninety-seven per cent of the people who showed up managed to enter,” said Mayank Pal, manager of the mall.

Assistance was given to some visitors trying to access the mall.


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