Arab Health conference in Dubai hears how medical staff suffered from acute stress, loneliness, and insomnia

The Arab Health conference in Dubai heard how medical staff were forced to put aside the pain of watching colleagues and loved ones die and keep on working.

They risked their mental health as they continued to do their duty with many workers — including those in the UAE — suffering acute stress and insomnia.

Many were far from home and suffered from feelings of isolation and insomnia, conference goers heard.

“Many healthcare workers were traumatised by the pressure of having to make life-and-death decisions that you never want to have to make,” said Dr Adrian James, president of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, London.

“It’s shocking to have colleagues that you are close to, and you know their families as well, who have died from Covid-19.”

Dr James said medical staff were also affected by having to look on helplessly as patients, many of whom they had grown attached to, suffered the effects of Covid-19.

The mental health of doctors and nurses in the UAE suffered from having to continue on the frontline as the pandemic unfolded, one of the country’s leading mental health experts said.

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