Dubai Police receives a delegation from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Uzbekistan.

The delegation, headed by Turakhojaev Najmiddin Sadriovich, Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs for Information Technology, was received within the framework of enhancing cooperation and coordination between both parties, and the exchange of experiences and information that mutually benefit both bodies.

Sadriovich began his tour with a visit to the General Department of Traffic where he was introduced to the smart systems used by Dubai Police in traffic operations and methods of utilising artificial intelligence to achieve the force’s objectives.

Al-Marri accompanied the Uzbek delegation to the Command and Control Centre where they were briefed about the latest services and initiatives that enhance security and safety in the emirate, as well as the centre’s equipment and latest additions such as the 3D map that covers Dubai and the patrols dispatching system that ensures swift and efficient response to reports and emergency calls.

During the visit, Sadriovich and his officials also learned about the force’s “Smart Security Prediction” system that foresees crimes and analyses criminal data. The system is within the framework of Dubai Police’s keenness to foresee the future and reduce crime by using mathematical, predictive analytics, and other analytical techniques in law enforcement to identify potential criminal activity.




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