Dubai’s private education launched a new guide to help parents of children with special needs find the best school.

The publication, titled Advocating for Inclusive Education, aims to give parents a clear understanding of their rights and responsibilities when looking for a suitable school.

It was created by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority, as part of its vision to ensure access to education for all.

In 2019, the authority directed all private schools in the emirate to cater to children with special needs by 2020.

However, under exceptional circumstances, a school may not be able to accept a pupil with severe special educational needs.

“Our schools have embraced inclusive education and we have ensured that parents are fully informed and able to make the right choices,” said Fatma Belrehif, chief executive officer of the Dubai Schools Inspection Bureau at KHDA.

“The new guide is an important step in realizing Dubai’s aspirations to become one of the most inclusive cities in the world.

“Parents are the experts on their children. They hold unique knowledge and must be empowered to work in partnership with schools to develop and implement effective systems of support for their children,” Ms Belrehif said.




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