Sinopharm vaccine is expected to offer people immunity against Covid-19 for four to six months

Dr. Nawal Al Kaabi, chairwoman of the National Covid-19 Clinical Management Committee, said Abu Dhabi’s public health provider recorded a “significant decrease” in the rate of hospital admissions after the country began a mass vaccination campaign.

That was despite the second wave of the pandemic being worse than the first, she said.

“The number of hospitalizations was much less and there were no critical care admissions seen among the vaccinated, 14 days post-second dose,” Dr. Al Kaabi said on Friday at an online public health conference about the Covid-19 response.

“There was no mortality among the vaccinated. Even for those who got the infection, usually it is mild or asymptomatic.

“We also noticed that the duration of positivity is very short among the vaccinated.”

The duration of immunity offered by two doses of the vaccine is likely to last six months or less, although she said further data was needed to determine the exact period.

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