The 2021 donors ‘conference for Yemen

To help the people of Yemen, A virtual conference held by United Nations 100 governments and donors had worked to raise a targeted $3.85 billion (€3.19 billion) to help Yemen as describes the world’s worst humanitarian crisis. In the end, only $1.7 billion was pledged.

The Donors for Yemen 2021 were as follows:

Saudi Arabia 430 million dollars, UAE 230 million dollars, Germany 200 million euros, America 191 million dollars, the European Union 95 million euros, Qatar 70 million dollars, Canada 69.9 million dollars, Sweden 30 million dollars, South Korea 19 million dollars, the Netherlands 18 million euros

Since 2015, the UAE has provided more than $6 billion in assistance to Yemen. This Year, The UAE announced its intention to provide $ 230 million in additional support to the Yemeni people, ahead of the donors ’conference hosted by Sweden and the Swiss Confederation in cooperation with the United Nations.

This support will help fund international programs that meet medical, nutritional, and food security needs across the country, noting that this step comes as a continuation of the UAE’s long commitment to the Yemeni people.

The UAE also announced that it will work with various concerned parties to meet the needs as stipulated in the United Nations Humanitarian Response Plan.

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