As the country celebrates the Union’s golden jubilee, it aims to achieve global leadership in all sectors through an ambitious future vision. UAE has adopted a unique development strategy that enabled it to accomplish leading achievements in all areas

The UAE’s journey of success is advancing towards the future with unlimited ambition and determination, he added, while pointing out that the country has accomplished many achievements in all areas, locally, regionally and globally. He also cited the establishment of the Barakah Nuclear Power Plant and the Hope Probe’s successful journey to Mars as two pioneering examples of international leadership, enabling the country to attain advanced positions in many indices in world competitiveness reports.

Salem Rashid Al Owais, UAE Ambassador to Colombia, said that the country is a unique example to be followed for development and promoting the values of peace and stability while affirming that the UAE relies on ambitious development strategies that focus on the establishment of an economy based on knowledge and innovation.

It has also accomplished leading international successes in several vital sectors, including space sciences, peaceful nuclear energy, clean and renewable energy, and aviation technologies, as well as overachieved in the telecommunications and information technology sectors compared to other countries, he added.